How to install the modpack

Before installing, make sure you have the Official Minecraft launcher installed and you have a stable internet connection.

Download and install CurseForge from here: https://download.curseforge.com/.

Once installed, open the CurseForge app. (on macOS, click “Yes” to the “CurseForge is an app downloaded from the internet”. Are you sure you want to open it” prompt

After you see “Forging your library”, navigate through the game list and find Minecraft, and click it. On “Set up CurseForge’s Minecraft modding folder”, click continue to use the default file location or choose Advanced to pick your own.

Click “Browse for Modpack” and search for “Better Minecraft Fabric”, find “Better Minecraft [Fabric] – 1.18.1 V3” and click “Install”. If there is no V3, Install “Better Minecraft [Fabric] – 1.18, and then once it’s installed, right click it and choose “Change Version”, and select the latest V3.

Once installed, the “Install” button will change to “Play”. You can also click “Play” from the “My Modpacks” screen

Once you click “Play”, the normal Minecraft launcher will open. Sign in with your normal Minecraft/Microsoft login and click “Play”.

Once Loaded, click “Multiplayer”, click “Add Server”. Set “Server Name” to something memorable, and set “Server Address” to “minecraft.yazawaempire.com”. Click “Done” and then join the server!!!!!

My game is running out of memory / running slow!!!!

Firstly figure out how much RAM you have. Once you know how much RAM you have, you can decide how much Minecraft is allowed to use. You shouldn’t assign anything over 3/4 of your RAM to Minecraft.

To change how much RAM Minecraft uses from CurseForge, Navigate to the “My Modpack” screen and click on the modpack you want to use more RAM. Click the 3 dots near the “Play” button and click “Profile Options”

Once you see the “Profile Options” screen, uncheck “Use System Memory Settings”, and drag the slider to set the allocated RAM value.

With the “Better Minecraft Fabric” modpack, you shouldn’t need more than 7GB RAM (7168MB)