Welcome to my website. Why does this exist?

Well…. to learn. This is my first website as you might be able to tell 😉 . It’s been through a lot, as i’ve been learning different methods and plugins, navigating wordpress and so on. I think i’m getting there.

I don’t have a serious use for this website, so things will change a lot. Currently it’s just quick links to my music and some nice images (all taken by me). If you have any suggestions, feel free to leave them in the feedback box, drop a comment, or email them to marcus@honokakousaka.com.

Thank you for visiting!!

Currently W.I.P:

  • Quotes page (possibly pulled from external)
  • Design revamp and proper logo (currently using a neso)
  • Proper gallery
  • Recommended apps and websites list
  • Social media links (maybe)
  • Minecraft server (possibly)
  • Other unlisted or last minute changes